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The Grassfed Exchange

Mission Statement

We are The Grassfed Exchange· a volunteer, non-profit organization of regenerative ranchers and grassfed industry supporters.

We believe that regenerative grassland agriculture can create a sunlight-powered future filled with healthy and prosperous families , thriving communities, deep topsoil , clean and abundant water and vigorous biodiversity.

Our mission is to empower ranchers, farmers, communities, and governments to create this future with purpose, grace and speed across watersheds and continents by:


The Grassfed Exchange is a coordinated effort of producers and buyers of grassfed genetics that come together to form the Grassfed Exchange Committee. It is our desire to provide a means of education and exchange of grassfed genetics between producers. With quite a few conferences behind us that have been well received, we continue to promote the grassfed industry and grassfed genetics through education and display. We hope you will join us at our upcoming conference.

Meet the Committee



  • Gabe Brown
    Cover Crop Specialist, ND
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  • Clay Nash
    Ultrasound Specialist, AR
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  • Abe Collins
    Rancher & Soil Conservationist, VT
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  • Joshua Dukart
    NRCS Soil Conservationist
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  • Dr. Jason Rowntree
    Faculty coordinator for two research facilities   
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  • Doug Peterson
    State Soil Health Conservationist   
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